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Promoting Political Engagement and Transparency
through Face-to-Face Democracy in Election 2016


"Politics ought to be
the part-time profession
of every citizen."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Sync Your Calendar with the Next President's

Presevent tracks Republican and Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and across the United States to help more people participate in America's democratic process.
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Presevent sends you a notification when Election 2016 events are happening in your area.
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Presevent gives you all the information you need to see every candidate in-person.
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"Democracy cannot succeed
unless those who express their choice
are prepared to choose wisely."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Lea Marolt Sonnenschein
Lea lives in New York and is trying to eliminate her closet with the help of her employer, Rent the Runway. She holds a BA in CS from Grinnell College.

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Joe Wlos
Joe works in Chicago as a data analyst at Morningstar, even though he is definitely not a morning person. He graduated Grinnell College with a BA in Poli Sci.